Dostup. A new charity
Dostup is Russia's only charity project designed to raise funds to pay for the professional training of young medical students in the field of oncology through subscriptions to educational content.

It is imperative that the best oncology physicians receive the best education, training and access to the latest innovations in cancer treatment.
The systemic culture of charity and the maintenance of foundations through regular subscriptions are underdeveloped in Russia. Most often, people donate on a one-time and targeted basis, not so much because of civic awareness, but more under the influence of emotion.

The Dostup Charity Project team decided to create a fundraising platform outside the category and stereotypes of charity foundations, reaching out to the younger generation. The Dostup team has made it their mission to make Dostup a natural part of life.

The decision was made to create an open online platform that offers the opportunity to donate to a good cause (the education of medical students in Oncology) and in return get access to diverse, interesting events and educational content. Dostup takes a fresh look at modern philanthropy, creating an innovative model of interaction among all participants. Now you can help future oncologists simply by attending cool events, getting quality cultural and educational content, and also developing yourself creatively.

The Dostup Project is a bold ambition of a team that challenges not only the problem of educating medical students about oncology, but also the attitudes toward it. This is a challenge to the classic model of charity foundations, which has long since outlived itself. A challenge to the view that charity cannot be a part of life.
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Doctors who received a grant from the Dostup foundation
Dostup pay for the first year of residency education.
  • In January 2021, Dostup made a payment for the first year of Andrey Voskresensky's residency education. Andrey successfully graduated from the Northwestern State Medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov at the Department of Operative and Clinical Surgery with Topographic Anatomy named after S. A. Simbirtsev, residency in coloproctology.

    Completed education.
  • Adelina Aitkulova
    In February 2022, Dostup made a payment for the first year of Adelina Aitkulova residency education. Adelina get started training for 1 year of residency on Bashkir State Medical University.

    Сurrently studying.
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