Strategy and design for creating positive, meaningful, human-centered changes.
Development of Cyberness visual identity and navigation for the Exness event
Rebranding of Сzech brand of natural cosmetics for dogs. Coming soon
Rebranding of one of the oldest companies in the Danish market. Coming soon
Zelenika. New identity for healthy snacks company
Prime. New identity. Created in Mildberry
Dostup. A new charity
Madonna. Musica de Mezcal
Super Motorica. Innovations that change the worldview. Created in Mildberry
Yummy United. Company managed by kids. Created in Mildberry
Recycled packaging concept for dogs
Lakto Kids China. Created in Mildberry
Kellogg's Fruit Chips Concept
Expanded portfolio on request
10 best brands according to Forbes 2016
10 best brands according to Forbes 2018
Pentawards silver 2020
World Brand Design Society Awards bronze 2021
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