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The popularity of foods that can be eaten on the go is obviously explained the acceleration of the modern pace of people's lives, so the category of healthy snacks has been converted into a category of daily full meals. Today, in the developed market of healthy snacks, brands are trying to attract consumers’ attention through taste experiments and more natural composition. One can notice also the importance of the request for new experiences from unusual textures and vivid sensory feeling from the product.

The Zelenika brand uses gentle vacuum drying technology to produce healthy snacks from fruits, berries and vegetables. This allows one to save almost all the useful qualities, rich taste, fruit shape and create a unique product characteristic for the category – snacks become crispy and light in taste.
The main goals of Zelenika rebranding project were to achieve a significant increase in the market share of brand and its visibility and recognition on the shelf through convincing visual communication.

Zelenika has been existing for many years and has its own regular audience, so it was important to save main constants from the current design in the new packaging concept, but at the same time more clearly and expressively convey the brand positioning and product features for existing and new consumers. Jointly with the brand team, a new visual concept was developed, it became an organic evolution of the brand and revealed in a new way the diversity of its semantic components: on the one hand, healthy, natural and light pleasure, and on the other hand, modern functionality and advanced production technology.

Bold and concise brand graphic image of the cloud, inspired by the very nature, communicates the main idea of the lightness of the product. The new graphic system allows for good differentiation of the product both offline and online, provides a functional tool for promoting the brand and for creating a diverse vivid experience for consumers at all points of contact.

This experience was embodied into life in the new packaging of the brand, it also gave a powerful impulse to the ambitions of the Zelenika team to develop their company, inspired them for a new design of the brand's website and social networks. The brand got the necessary tools and assets to effectively implement its business strategy. In the course of this rebranding, the package design of more than 25 products in the brand portfolio was updated. The brand applications, principles for the brand promotion in offline and online, as well as guidelines for a new Zelenika identity system use were developed for the effective work of the brand team.

Creative director → Anastasia Igolnikova

Project manager → Nikolay Smirnov

Art directors → Roman Belichenko, Andrey Plotnikov

Designers → Anastasia Igolnikova, Roman Belichenko

Illustrators → Anastasia Igolnikova, Marina Novikova

Motion designer → Evgeny Nikitin

My role
Visual brand identity;
Design of communications
Packaging design;
Design development;
Design Direction

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