kids rule here
YUMMY UNITED is the only company in the world managed by kids. The founders of the company: Oleg Beriev and Roman Glebov. The business model in which the company is run by children is unique and therefore difficult to understand. The visual identity of the YU brand should unite different generations around the brand. The design should be understandable and convenient in its development by the children themselves involved in the life of the company. At the same time, it must be an industrially matured and professional solution for the brand to enter the international and Russian market.
The concise, clean and at the same time emotional visual solution was created with the aim of inspiring children and being functional as a means of effective communication between children and adults. The brand character, a friendly snow Yeti, has become a vivid symbol of the combination of innovation and a cheerful attitude to life characteristic of children.

The first YUMMY UNITED children's board of Directors in Russia was launched in November 2019 in partnership with the Magnit retail chain. In 2020, the company raised $ 3 million and invested about 100 million rubles in the brand on the Russian market and in the development of the team.
In June 2020, the company launched a food line based on the creative ideas of the first Yummy United Children's Board of Directors. The product portfolio consisted of 15 SKUs in five product categories. In December 2020, the company's product portfolio was relaunched in a new design based on the ideas of the second composition of the Children's Board of Directors. New SKUs have also been added. At the moment, the portfolio includes 18 SKUs and is represented in 16 thousand points of sale throughout Russia.
CEO Mildberry → Oleg Beriev
Creative directors → Igor Mospanov, Anastasia Igolnikova
Project manager → Anna Khokhlun
Strategy Director → Alexey Poggenpohl
Strategist → Elena Kuprina, Natasha Rezvanova
Designer / Art director→ Anastasia Igolnikova
My role
Development of visual brand identity constants;
Brand website development;
Development of package design for the launch on the Italian market;
YUMIX 3000 and Robo-friends Applications Design Development;
Art direction of all the design developments.
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