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Super Motorica.
Innovations that change the worldview
MOTORICA is a technological company in the field of children's and adult prosthetics of hands, which became the winner of the Mildberry and Skolkovo — Brand Heroes competition. Motorica, working at the intersection of medicine and robotics, creates a single subscription ecosystem that will allow you to accompany a person at any age when using a prosthesis and comprehensively improve it throughout life.
To create a solution that will unite a variety of audiences and meanings into a single scalable system and reflect the essence of the brand embedded in its strategy - SUPER, expressing positive approval and rationally speaking about the superlative degree of Motor skills.

Going beyond the static identity in order to reflect the idea of over-effort. This is how the "Degree of Motor Skills" appeared — a sign of the quality of everything that the brand team does. This has become a symbol of Motorica's responsibility to children and adults, a sign of a reliable prosthesis manufacturer and a technological partner for investors.

The dynamic identity style reflects the boldness of goals and the variety of meanings that unite the team of "Motorics" in the desire to change the environment, society and the quality of people's lives.
Exhibition within the framework of the 25th National Conference of the Indian Association of Orthopedists and Prosthetists OPPAI 2020 Источник фото:
CEO Mildberry → Oleg Beriev
Creative director → Igor Mospanov
Project manager → Anna Khokhlun
Strategy Director → Alexey Poggenpohl
Senior Strategist → Elena Kuprina
Junior Analyst → Natasha Rezvanova
Designer/ Art director→ Anastasia Igolnikova
My role
Visual brand identity development;
Art direction of all the design developments;
Supervision of the creative developments
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